About Me

20993014_494067444271818_8951334199779567971_n-2Hey cool people of the world! (you wouldn’t have made it on to the page unless you were!) my name is Emilee and I was diagnosed with (Stage 1) Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in April 2015 at the age of 21, I decided to start on Tecfidera (Dimethyl fumarate) as soon as possible (2016) and chose to ignore the horror that is Multiple Sclerosis. So, I carried on living like before (+ some CBD forced on me by a good friend and my brother) and that was a great time! Ignorance is truly bliss. Haha! But this b*tch doesn’t like being ignored, so after a few relapses, a guru and a drug change my journey began! Back to the guru… we were talking after a meditation session and he inspired me to start looking into the holistic side of healing as he was proof of overcoming chronic fatigue. The first book I read on this alternative school of thought was Susan Blum’s ‘The Immune System Recovery Plan’, in this she writes about a myriad of autoimmune conditions and gives a very in-depth guide to how autoimmunity works. The premise of the idea is that all autoimmunity is created from similar factors, such as genetic pre-disposition, diet, stress, toxins, etc and that all of these different conditions like MS – (Central Nervous System), Arthritis – (Joints), Hashimoto’s – (Thyroid), etc. are basically very similar in the way they work. Which gives us an understanding of how to hunt down some of the factors which contributed to the final diagnosis. This knowledge opened my eyes to the idea that us as individuals could actually help quite a lot with the course of this disease. So, I’m creating this blog to share my information with other MSers and their families. As one explores this side of the MS world, it is clear that a lot of people are choosing to go the natural route (or are in secondary progressive stage where options are limited) however, personally (at the moment), I’m a believer of getting all you can get, be that, a tailored diet, supplements, disease modifying therapies, acupuncture, whatever, just hit me! Y’all know we in the desperate people club!

Big Love, Emilee x

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